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At Global Sourcing Indonesia, we hold strict business ethics. There are no hidden fees along the way as we conduct a transparent supply chain, so we can provide you with high quality service at a relatively lower cost compared to other agencies.


Our service is not merely about sourcing product, we add value to our customers by providing shipping coordination service to our clients. We understand that shipping is one of the main concerns in international trade sequence, especially for time-sensitive products. Thus, we set the schedules for every stage of the process and monitor every step to make sure our clients' products are shipped as well as arrive on designated time.

Variaty Products

On behalf of our customer, we are carefully sourcing products merchandise especially from Indonesia. The products that we source are varying from Hard-line and Soft-line categories. For hard-line products, we specialize in furniture such as rattan and teak as well as Handicrafts. Clients can also make requirement for soft-line products such as garments and clothing.

Whatever Other Service

Our Quality Control teams are highly qualified individuals with years of experiences. They have strong attention to detail, know the look and feel of the quality and allow nothing short of perfection. We really serve as the eyes and ears for our clients. Our procedures include systematic on-site inspection s well as examination of in-line production.

Client Oriented

Global Sourcing Indonesia is found and initiated by experienced local Indonesian entrepreneurs with deep knowledge in this field of business especially in Indonesian market for product merchandise and manufacture. Who else can understand better of Indonesian market if not the local Indonesian itself, thus we can connect to the right network in sourcing product merchandise at the right price for each client's needs. In the process, we will source, appraise, and assess the best manufacturer as well as doing the development in order to supply the right and quality of products for our clients.

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Our dedicated and experienced individuals in our company are experts in sourcing high quality products merchandise from Indonesia. We take the stress and the hard work on behalf of our client by choosing reputable manufacturer to ensure product quality as expected.

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